Baby food steaming and blending in one: The Beaba Babycook

26 Feb

Tomorrow we are going to start weaning our baby boy. He is 5 and half months old – exactly 6 months by due date tomorrow. Theo was born 19 days overdue, so I tend to go by his due date for certain things. Compared to some babies of a similar age but who were due a few weeks after him, he is clearly ‘older’.

Our lovely neighbour has sold us her baby food steamer/blender. I’m not too much into buying every gadget on the market – and there are lots, but this one seemed to make sense, especially as we don’t have a microwave.

It’s called the Beaba Babycook Steamer and Blender. All I’ll have to do is cut up the vegetables and place them into the attachment to steam them. Once they are steamed I can tip them into the bowl where they get blended to whatever consistency I need them to be – from fully pureed for when baby is 6 months old, to a more lumpy consistency for when he gets older. Additionally I can also thaw frozen purees and vegetables, especially useful as we don’t have a microwave.


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