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Sleepytot: How to Stop Your Baby Waking for the Dummy or Pacifier

16 Mar

Every parent has a different opinion on whether to give their baby a dummy/pacifier, but our little guy has had a dummy from early on – some babies love to such and he’s definitely one of them. Our little boy is a very boisterous baby, always active, rolling, touching, looking around etc. and gets easily overwhelmed. Sometimes giving him the dummy for a few minutes is the only thing which will calm him down.

But there is of course one real downside to the dummy. From about 3 or 4 months onwards babies’ sleep pattern change and they sleep more like adults. Their sleep cycles are about 40mins long, after which they briefly wake up and then fall back asleep. I had no idea that is how all adults sleep, we just can’t remember most of the time that we’ve woken up!

In order to fall back asleep the baby will need to self-soothe. If she needs her dummy to fall asleep and can’t find her dummy, she is likely to start crying for it. So parents are faced spending the night ‘replugging’ baby every 40mins or so. Quite depressing.

Then a friend with two children gave us a Sleepytot, a little rabbit which can hold onto four dummies. It’s really soft and the idea is that baby can easily find her dummy and put it back in herself (obviously not necessarily at 4 months, but from about 6 months onwards is quite realistic).

And wow has it been great. Our little one has only had it a few days and has already used it loads. We just place it onto his chest when he’s asleep and if he wakes up he can often (not always yet!) find one of the dummies himself!


Tummy time in the bath, in the pram…everywhere!

11 Mar

Our little 6 month old son absolutely loves being on his tummy. He figured out how to roll both ways when he was about 4 months old and ever since, it takes only seconds after I have placed him on the floor for him to roll onto his tummy!

And now of course he wants to crawl! He grunts and groans, desperate to move forwards… unfortunately so far he’s only managed to move backwards (pushes off with his hands and so pushes himself back!). And yet he reaches for everything in front of him, just out of his reach, so keen to somehow get there. It’s very tempting to just give him everything he reaches for, but I guess it’s this urge to grab it which will eventually get him to learn to crawl!

Recently my husband flipped our little one onto his tummy in the bathtub (obviously just enough water to cover his bum) and since then he has been in the bath everyday, practically swimming. Wow does he love it! He tries to ‘swim’ to his little rubber ducks, using his arms and legs – he’s a complete natural!

And now we’ve even started flipping him onto his tummy in the pram/buggy. He’s still in his flat basinette, but he’s so bored having to stare at the sky. So recently we just took off the cover and flipped our little one onto his tummy, and he just lies there looking out over the top. Not only does he love it, absolutely everyone in the street stops and smiles, he looks so cute!