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I love it – The Stokke Tripp Trapp

27 Oct

I have to say, the Norwegians seem to know a thing or two about highchairs! When we had to make the decision about which chair to invest in, there were a few criteria the chair needed to meet:

  • it needed to be safe – so the baby, when he got older, wouldn’t be able to tip himself back
  • a well built chair that would be comfortable for the baby and the toddler
  • a chair that would allow him to sit at the table with us and share our meals
  • a highchair that would grow with the child, so we wouldn’t have to buy another one when he grew older.

There are a variety of highchairs out there that met our criteria, but, being a designer, it was the Stokke Tripp Trapp which caught my eye. It is a superbly designed classic, created in 1974 by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik.

The Tripp Trapp can be used from birth (with the Newborn set), meaning that baby can share a meal with the family right from the start!

The chair also comes with an optional tray, so it can be used both independently and at the family table.

There are special attachments for the feet so that it’s impossible for baby (or toddler) to tip over the chair (and trust me, our son tried many times!)

Once the baby set/harness comes off, the trip trapp turns into a booster seat, so the child always sits at the right level, thanks to the adjustable seat.

And once your child isn’t so young anymore, the Tripp Trapp will easily turn into a great looking chair which can even be used by adults!

Yes, it’s more expensive than many other highchairs on the market (although by far not the most expensive) – but it looks great, is built to last and most importantly will last until the children have long moved out!


Sleepytot: How to Stop Your Baby Waking for the Dummy or Pacifier

16 Mar

Every parent has a different opinion on whether to give their baby a dummy/pacifier, but our little guy has had a dummy from early on – some babies love to such and he’s definitely one of them. Our little boy is a very boisterous baby, always active, rolling, touching, looking around etc. and gets easily overwhelmed. Sometimes giving him the dummy for a few minutes is the only thing which will calm him down.

But there is of course one real downside to the dummy. From about 3 or 4 months onwards babies’ sleep pattern change and they sleep more like adults. Their sleep cycles are about 40mins long, after which they briefly wake up and then fall back asleep. I had no idea that is how all adults sleep, we just can’t remember most of the time that we’ve woken up!

In order to fall back asleep the baby will need to self-soothe. If she needs her dummy to fall asleep and can’t find her dummy, she is likely to start crying for it. So parents are faced spending the night ‘replugging’ baby every 40mins or so. Quite depressing.

Then a friend with two children gave us a Sleepytot, a little rabbit which can hold onto four dummies. It’s really soft and the idea is that baby can easily find her dummy and put it back in herself (obviously not necessarily at 4 months, but from about 6 months onwards is quite realistic).

And wow has it been great. Our little one has only had it a few days and has already used it loads. We just place it onto his chest when he’s asleep and if he wakes up he can often (not always yet!) find one of the dummies himself!

Baby food steaming and blending in one: The Beaba Babycook

26 Feb

Tomorrow we are going to start weaning our baby boy. He is 5 and half months old – exactly 6 months by due date tomorrow. Theo was born 19 days overdue, so I tend to go by his due date for certain things. Compared to some babies of a similar age but who were due a few weeks after him, he is clearly ‘older’.

Our lovely neighbour has sold us her baby food steamer/blender. I’m not too much into buying every gadget on the market – and there are lots, but this one seemed to make sense, especially as we don’t have a microwave.

It’s called the Beaba Babycook Steamer and Blender. All I’ll have to do is cut up the vegetables and place them into the attachment to steam them. Once they are steamed I can tip them into the bowl where they get blended to whatever consistency I need them to be – from fully pureed for when baby is 6 months old, to a more lumpy consistency for when he gets older. Additionally I can also thaw frozen purees and vegetables, especially useful as we don’t have a microwave.

Baby carrier – Manduca

25 Feb

I bought a Manduca baby carrier very soon after Theo was born. On the advice of my sister and a good friend (who has 3 kids) I decided to buy the Manduca carrier. It’s very similar to the Ergo baby carrier, but slightly cheaper and comes with a newborn insert – the Ergo carrier requires you to buy this separately.

We tried using the carrier several times when Theo was only a few months old, and he seemed to hate it. I was put off by it as I couldn’t handle having my screaming baby so close to me, so I decided to try again when he was older.

Now Theo is 5 1/2 months old and doesn’t like going in the bassinette of his stroller anymore. It’s way too boring for him to lie on his back and stare up at the sky when there is so much going on that he can’t see! I often had to carry him because he got so grumpy in his basinette.

So sure enough he now loves the Manduca carrier. It allows him to look around left and right and it means I have my hands free when I go out. I actually prefer it to the stroller – at least while he isn’t in a sitting position. Although he still grumbles once in a while he at least is happy most of the time!

The Manduca carrier is also great as it’s ergonomic for the baby and for the adult. I did some research and found there are quite a few carriers out there that are really not very good for baby – such as baby bjorn, where the baby literally hangs by it’s crotch rather than sit in a way that’s good for his pelvic development.

I also find it really comfortable to wear and I know that I’ll be able to use it for another year or so. At a later stage Theo will be able to go on my back, which means he’ll have loads more to look at!