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Chop up onions to help baby with blocked sinuses and runny nose

28 Feb

It’s amazing what a chopped up onion can do – did you know it can be the perfect natural decongestant and remedy for a blocked nose?

When our little boy had his first proper cold at about 3 months, with a blocked nose and a terrible sounding cough, a friend in Switzerland suggested we cut up an onion and place it next to his crib. Now as we share the room with our baby, this also meant we were exposed to the horrible stench of a chopped up onion – and let me tell you, the smell is potent!

But to our surprise, it really works. When our boy woke for his night feed his nose was noticeably clearer than when he went to sleep. And then in the morning, a few hours after the onion had dried up, his sinuses got congested again.

Now at nearly 6 months he just got his second cold. And once again we’ve placed an onion next to his crib and again it has really helped him to sleep. It might be coincidence but so far I have to agree with my friend: it really works!

Some other natural remedies for blocked sinuses:

  • You can try a nasal saline spray, they are available in most pharmacies
  • Use a Baby Nasal Aspirator to temporarily relieve the symptoms
  • Karvol decongestant drops (from 3 months)

Baby carrier – Manduca

25 Feb

I bought a Manduca baby carrier very soon after Theo was born. On the advice of my sister and a good friend (who has 3 kids) I decided to buy the Manduca carrier. It’s very similar to the Ergo baby carrier, but slightly cheaper and comes with a newborn insert – the Ergo carrier requires you to buy this separately.

We tried using the carrier several times when Theo was only a few months old, and he seemed to hate it. I was put off by it as I couldn’t handle having my screaming baby so close to me, so I decided to try again when he was older.

Now Theo is 5 1/2 months old and doesn’t like going in the bassinette of his stroller anymore. It’s way too boring for him to lie on his back and stare up at the sky when there is so much going on that he can’t see! I often had to carry him because he got so grumpy in his basinette.

So sure enough he now loves the Manduca carrier. It allows him to look around left and right and it means I have my hands free when I go out. I actually prefer it to the stroller – at least while he isn’t in a sitting position. Although he still grumbles once in a while he at least is happy most of the time!

The Manduca carrier is also great as it’s ergonomic for the baby and for the adult. I did some research and found there are quite a few carriers out there that are really not very good for baby – such as baby bjorn, where the baby literally hangs by it’s crotch rather than sit in a way that’s good for his pelvic development.

I also find it really comfortable to wear and I know that I’ll be able to use it for another year or so. At a later stage Theo will be able to go on my back, which means he’ll have loads more to look at!